Each person will tell a different story from the unconscious mind.  The way in which they tell the story will provide valuable insights into the dynamics of the unconscious mind, emotional patterns and belief systems.  The logic of the unconscious mind is that of a child. By reprocessing and desensitizing each person’s story, the corresponding life changes occur and will integrate naturally.

The technique is used for both adults and children for any problem or dilemma.

An example of an initial story that is told by an individual with an addiction is the following;

I am LRRH and I am being eaten and no one has seen me yet.  It is a bit realistic. The wolf has eaten me and there is no one to save me.  I am worried.  I am not sure if there is a woodcutter. Nobody knows I have been eaten.  I do not know if granny is alive or not. I feel trapped, and I am hunched over granny.

Briefly, an analysis of this story will indicate that the individual feels trapped in difficult situations and does not have the support and unconditional love via the granny aspect, nor a capable woodcutter to rescue him.  The balance of the male /female principles needs to be addressed in order for the child to flourish.

The child or Little Red Riding Hood aspect is often confused that the wolf is a form of support, especially when the real granny is unavailable, or disempowered, as in this story.  The wolf pretends to be the granny.

This is the origin of the addictive cycle, where the child associates love with the wolf aspect. Here, the child is also becoming the adult, by hunching over the granny, this results in adult /child role reversal.

These patterns originate from early childhood experiences and challenges where appropriate forms of love and support are missing.

The child aspect holds the truth of the unconscious mind.  By reprocessing and introjecting the relevant characters via the LRRH Reconditioning Technique, the individual has access to and is able to effectively integrate the missing aspects.  The balance of the mother /father /child results as well as the clarity between truth and illusion.

These are some of the themes that are addressed. This in turn, translates practically into life, where tools and strengths are accessed, enabling the individual to achieve desired results and solutions.