The underlying unconscious dynamics of parenting are outlined and addressed; information we consciously know, does not often ‘sink’ in so that the resulting behavior is often contrary to what we intellectually know.  Themes addressed include:

  • Identification of the predominant parenting styles and patterns that are currently operating; reprocessing these towards balance and empowerment.
  • Having impact in an elegant manner, anger management skills.
  • Reconnecting with a child who is distant and non communicative.
  • Adult, child role reversal.
  • Setting boundaries
  • Managing, negotiation skills with a spouse, partner who has a different outlook / approach to child rearing.
  • Competent and effective listening and communicating skills


BULLYING?  Empowerment and assertiveness training.

Children, teens and adolescents are faced with increasing aspects of bullying which is further extended into cyber bullying.

Themes addressed include:

  • A refined unconscious ability to discern and identify illusions as well as to trust their own instincts and gut feelings.
  • The ability to act on and follow through with preventative measures when faced with a challenging situation
  • Ego strengthening and empowerment skills towards an enhanced sense of self worth and confidence.
  • Healing/ reconditioning for perpetrators of bullying/ anger management skills training.
  • Setting of boundaries as well as a deeper sense of self responsibility and awareness.