By constellating the characters of the story of Little Red Riding Hood, a wealth of underlying material emerges as to the truth of how you are managing the challenges or wolf aspects in your life. We are all the characters and the interplay will reveal your unconscious program that repeats in all your interactions. By bringing the awareness to the conscious mind via the morphogenic field during the process, the cellular healing and change is fostered. Your interactions and communications move to a new level of empowerment and clarity.

What others have said:

"A brilliant investigation into what is really happening on a deeper level. The insights had such an impact in such a short period of time. My life has changed already as a result of this process" - G

"I know understand why I have been so stuck in my life, without being able to make the changes I wanted to. I feel illuminated in a new, exciting way about what has been happening in my life" - D

"By actually seeing what is happening with my body, I get it now." - S

Our unconscious programs determine our relationships that we adopt based on what we experience as a child in our early family dynamics. By reprocessing these dynamics and reparenting, a new set of belief systems and emotional patterns will allow for improved relationships and interpersonal communication skills. Awareness and insights foster and heal our past via our relationships in the present. When the inner male and female principles are balanced, it allows for improved quality of relating to others.

The process:

1) You choose a member of the group to represent the characters in your story and by placing them in a posture similar to sculpting.

2) You become the observer and allow the process to unfold via the feeling of the individual that has been designated that role. What the individual is feeling will indicate unresolved shadow feelings and patterns of coping with the challenges of the wolf aspect for you. Similarly the person being chosen will be playing out his or her own program. The process is reflective for all parties in the group.

3) The LRRH Reconditioning Technique is followed through until the illusions are shattered, allowing for the truth to arise. The relevant challenges, themes and unconscious patterns are identified and reprocessed on a cellular, body level where the focus is on experiential healing as opposed to intellectual and cognitive processing.

The therapy process addresses the dynamics of the unconscious mind as opposed to dealing with the conscious, intellectual, rational aspects of the individual. It is similar to cutting off the roots of a weed as opposed to symptomatically cutting off the flowers. By telling a children’s story while in a slight trance, or using EMDR, each person will tell a different story. The story of LRRH holds the dynamics of the unconscious mind and illustrates the interplay of the balance of the male and female, truth vs illusion as well as the journey of the inner child.

By reprocessing the story of each individual, the corresponding reality will change accordingly. The results are profound in that many addictive cycles and sabotaging programs may finally be cleared and many answers to questions and psychological dilemmas are provided.

Applications / Areas of practice of the technique include:
Individual Therapy
Depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, trauma, abuse, marital problems, psychosomatic pain, bereavement, children, anger and stress management.

Family Therapy
Each member of a family is a part of a dynamic whole. By working together as a cohesive unit in the therapy process, the level of functioning and quality of communication, interaction and interplay is greatly enhanced both intra and interpersonally.

The following workshops for the corporate setting include :
1) Leadership
2) Stress management
3) Anger management
4) Maximizing potential and productivity