Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique ®

Module 2 - Practitioner Training

Need to have completed Module 1

Module 2

Therapeutic training for professionals

Enhance your practice by learning to apply and incoroporate the LRRH Reconditioning Technique. Includes a therapeutic manual.  Training is provided for registered Clinical , Counselling and Educational Psychologists.

A 3 day intensive workshop

What you will experience

– How to apply the projective drawing and story telling technique in your practice for the following fields of expertise:

– Individual, including depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, bereavement, psychosis etc.

– Marital problems, family therapy and group therapy

– Trauma and the preventative possibilities for the future

-Addictions and healing the addictive cycle

-Children, eg concentration, enuresis, nightmares, OCD, self-mutilation, suicide etc.

-Grief and bereavement

– Case studies are discussed and included

– Your own therapy process is furthered by demonstrations and practical exercises


-Integrating the shadow and boundaries

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