Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique ®

Module 1 - Own Therapy Process: 6 phase process

Narrative Hypnotherapeutic Technique: Little Red Riding hood Reconditioning Technique

Module 1

You may do MODULE 1 (18CPD)  individually and /or join a group session .
 Module 1 addresses your own therapy process and consists of 6 phases . This is a requisite for doing module 2 which is the training module.  The first phase and introductory session may be done individually during an initial consultation, followed by group workshops to complete the process.
MODULE 1 will address the unconscious patterns and belief systems, which are sabotaging and limiting your highest, best future from manifesting.
You may also consider doing Module 1  individually by appointment .  The time taken will depend on how fast you process through the 6 phases .

Module 2

Module 2, the therapeutic  training module follows for registered Clinical , Educational and Counselling Psychologists.

By identifying the core, underlying way in which you have learned to be loved or to survive as a child under the circumstances of your past, these patterns are desensitized to allow for change for the better.

The unconscious mind has the logic of a child and this is why when we become reactive to a person, place or event, we resort to acting like a child. By healing these habitual reactions, we may learn to respond in a responsible, adult way. The story of Little Red Riding Hood holds the dynamics of the unconscious mind and is used both to identify and heal the core problems we encounter in all relationships including yourself, work, family and marital.

The process is for both adults and children alike, as each person will tell a different story when visualizing it from a certain perspective. The way in which you tell the story will indicate how you are coping in life or not.

A 6 phase therapeutic process is run through to desensitize and reprocess your story. This will allow for the changes to occur spontaneously in your life in a natural way, which is not symptomatically forced. The integration period varies for each individual.

What you will experience

-A projective drawing technique, which will help you to visually identify and see your unconscious program that is operating

– A projective story telling process which will indicate how you are managing the problems and challenges in your life.

– A 6 phase therapeutic process will provide you with the tools and skills to:

1) Confront and cope with problems in a way where you feel supported emotionally and unconditionally loved independent of another being outside of you. Inner strength and emotional stability.

2) Clarity as to the truth of who you are as you remember your innocence as a divine being of light

3) The ability to bridge the reactive unconscious minds to that of the responsibly responding conscious adult part of you.

4) The ability to act on what you know and achieve a result without fear, procrastination, doubt or confusion.

5) The ability to preventatively avoid repeating past habitual cycles and patterns

6) A refined ability to discern and act upon your instincts and gut feelings without doubt

7) The ability to ‘play ‘, have fun and reclaim the fun, passion, vitality, focus in the moment and creativity that is characteristic of the free, healed inner child

8) Anger is managed and transmuted to become constructive and a powerful ally for your success

9) The balance of the mother / father / child within. This serves as a powerful role model for your own children as children copy and is imprinted by your own program. Healing your unconscious program is the best gift you can give to your children and future generations to come.

10) Understand boundaries and why you are having challenges in relationships relative to rescuing others, sacrificing yourself as well as themes of trust and betrayal

11) Integrating the shadow aspects of your being and unlocking hidden potential.

12) Releasing your past authority structures

13) Instilling a positive future vision with the ability to achieve your full potential

14) A deep sense of commitment and unity within that will manifest in your relationships around you as a sense of trust and empowerment.

15 The balance of the male / female principles, allowing you to connect with your soul connections

16) Forgiveness of yourself, past circumstances, relationships and events from a place where you can sincerely say ‘thank you’ to the wolf aspect for what you have gained.

17) Practical applications to everyday life and how to maintain and continue with your own therapy process.

18) Dream interpretation, analysis and application. Your dreams will indicate how much has been integrated on a deeper level.

19) The achieving of you is highest, best and inspired future for yourself and others.