Debbie Howes

Weight Loss

The program includes:
  1. The identification and reprocessing of the underlying unconscious sabotage patterns and belief systems to instil constructive habits and functional daily routines .

  2. The identifying via dowsing of allergies or foods that are incompatible with your unique digestive system in order to promote a faster and empowered digestive and immune capabilities.

  3. Aligning with the rhythms of nature as well as the life force quotient of foods during different times of the day in order to optimize the vitality and energy field of the individual .

  4. Practical applications to life situations with respect to the unconscious triggers and habitual cycles that need to be broken.

  5. Desensitising the past belief systems and societal implants that sabotage.

  6. A healing and relaxing body treatment in order to align , clear , detoxify and open the meridians , chakra systems and energy field from blockages and stagnation. The flow and  relaxation in life by regaining ones centre in the present moment may return.

  7. Accompanied by…….

Health - Lifestyle Program

Losing weight is more than just going on a regular diet. It requires a commitment to a change in lifestyle. Our program helps develop the right attitude and mindset in addition to understanding the difference between starving and eating correctly. 

Our 45 day program is designed to help you not only lose weight, but develop the right mental programming. 

In understanding the way in which our bodies act and react to the foods we eat, we are better able to decide which foods are helping us live healthier. Health is about being more energetic, more focused and have a leaner body.