Swap Burning Out
for a Fire Within

Clinical Psychologist

Debbie Howes

Debbie Howes is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. She qualified with the Masters degree in 1986 from Potchefstroom University. Debbie is the author of : “Little Red Hiding Hood revised: A hypnotherapeutic Analysis, Interpretation and Application”, and ‘Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique, Practical Therapeutic Handbook”

How may I help you?

Debbie incorporates story telling and drawing into her therapy sessions helping her clients better visualise their presence and wellness. 



Debbie Howes specialises in an hypnotherapeutic modality to desensitize and reprocess unconscious belief systems and emotional patterns, EMDR. Training programs.



LRRH Reconditioning Technique Module 1 ( own therapy process) Module 2 ( Therapeutic training ) Trilogy of change ( experiential balancing of the mother father and child) LRRH Constellations process.


Meditation and Healing

Monthly meditation and healing workshops incorporating movement, sound, breathing, silence, visualisations and healing techniques. Rejuvenating and relaxing

Work With Me

Through the intricate way in which we tell stories and the images we visualise and draw, we reveal deep emotions and truths that have been buried, but still influence our present lives. 

When we become aware of these emotions, we begin to better understand how we can influence our inner selves and improve our outer lives.