The therapy process addresses the dynamics of the unconscious mind as opposed to dealing with the conscious, intellectual, rational aspects of the individual. It is similar to cutting off the roots of a weed as opposed to symptomatically cutting off the flowers. By telling a children’s story while in a slight trance, or using EMDR, each person will tell a different story. The story of LRRH holds the dynamics of the unconscious mind and illustrates the interplay of the balance of the male and female, truth vs illusion as well as the journey of the inner child.

By reprocessing the story of each individual, the corresponding reality will change accordingly. The results are profound in that many addictive cycles and sabotaging programs may finally be cleared and many answers to questions and psychological dilemmas are provided.

Individual Therapy and Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, trauma, abuse, marital problems, psychosomatic pain, bereavement, children, anger management, stress management, past life regression, OCD, panic attacks etc

A weight loss and addictive cycle program program is also offered by Debbie, which also addresses the nutritional and metabolic aspects of weight loss. 

Play therapy for children.

Group Therapy

Growing and working together with like minded people in a sharing, caring and supportive environment.

Group therapy is an experience that is both time and cost effective as well as being an enriching self-growth, understanding and empowering experience.

The LRRH technique is covered in the group making the process non invasive and gentle as you are working primarily with the reprocessing of your story in the group. The parallels to everyday life become apparent. Each person benefits and learns from other members in the group as reflective mirrors for your own process.The 6-phase LRRHReconditioning Technique group therapeutic process is non invasive and fun while at the same time revealing depths of understandings . Tools and skills are introduced during the sessions, which will enable you to continue, maintain and apply the process on a continual basis to your life. The parallels of how you tell the story with everyday life challenges becomes apparent, bringing experiential insights into deeper aspects of yourself.

In a group, each member benefits reflectively from each other, as each person mirrors aspects of each other.

Once completed you will gain the following:

  1. Insights and understandings of your self relative to the problems and challenges you are currently experiencing.
  2. Therapeutic change via the desensitizing and reprocessing of the unconscious belief systems and emotional patterns that is at the origins of the dilemmas.
  3. Depth and clarity of insights through the group interactive experience.
  4. Working and integrating the concepts of boundaries and the shadow, which bring depth into your understandings of relationships.
  5. Tools and maintenance skills which will enable you to continue with your own therapy process

What is your story?

Debbie Howes

Family Therapy and Corporate Leadership Program

Family Therapy

Each member of a family is a part of a dynamic whole. By working together as a cohesive unit in the therapy process, the level of functioning and quality of communication, interaction and interplay is greatly enhanced both intra and interpersonally.

Corporate Program

The following workshops for the corporate setting include :
1) Leadership
2) Stress management
3) Anger management
4) Maximizing potential and productivity