Debbie Howes is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in the South of Johannesburg. She qualified with the Masters degree in 1986 from Potchefstroom University. She completed her thesis on a movement and body therapy relative to self-concept, depression and anxiety. Debbie furthered her studies in Eriksonian, Ego- State hypnotherapy, Medical hypnoanalysis as well as EMDR and EMI. Debbie is the author of : “Little Red Hiding Hood revised: A hypnotherapeutic Analysis, Interpretation and Application”, and ‘Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique, Practical Therapeutic Handbook”, as well as a deck of cards. The technique incorporates a projective story telling as well as projective drawing technique. She has presented talks and seminars at both international and national congresses and appears as a guest on SABC2 House call: Dr Victor, and ANN7 live news broadcast.  Debbie has worked in conjunction with the trauma clinic in Cape Town and the Headache Clinic. Debbie appeared as a regular guest on ANN7 News Live and on News for the Soul radio station in Vancouver.

Debbie was also a professional dancer and has a keen interest in complementary healing modalities and meditation techniques. She also teaches Tai-Chi and movement workshops.