Meditation & Healing

Join us as we take the time to balance work and outer pressures with inner light and awareness.

By going within, we reconnect to the void where all possibility and creation is made manifest. By taking the time to redirect our focus inwards, we align with the truth of our highest intent and regain the focus of our authentic being. 

Time to regroup, rejuvenate and relax...

Meditation and relaxation facilitates the secretion of anti-oxidants and calming neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin.

Anti-aging and healing speeds up while you are in the state of rejuvenation that results from going deeply into the void of silence and inner peace.

What you will experience:

-A sacred space is opened where you may relax and indulge in time out from the constant pressures of daily life and allow for rejuvenation, healing and peace.

-Sacred toning sounds of the bee will transport you out of your mental body and in to a beautiful space between time and space. The sound of the bee creates the sacred geometry of the hexagram and this entrains with your emotional body on a cellular level, allowing for deep healing.

-Guided movement patterns, postures and breathing rhythms, which will align, clear and balance your energy fields, chakras and meridians.

-A group body balance will clear and release blockages in your being which are ready to be released as you move forward on your journey into the highest best future.

– Visual exercises and meditative techniques, which will be determined by the relevant theme for that month.

– A space where we embrace silence and enter into the depths of our being and enter into bliss that comes from within, as we connect to our divine truth.

– A caring space for sharing of like-minded people as we connect to our fellow humans on an authentic level.